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Multi countdown timer and alarm software for Windows 98, ME, NT4+SP6, 2000 and XP PCs

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TikTokToDo™. One day, all kitchen timers will work this way.

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TikTokToDo™ graphical countdown timer software.

If you're working to tight programs you need TikTokToDo. It isn't just a count down timer, it isn't just dual timers. It's multiple timers that can be set relative to each other. Timers where you can easily see relationships and progress and timers that can easily be adusted in unison. Set alarms seconds or hours apart, it's up to you.
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Manage and automate the timing of fitness programs, combat bouts, trainathons etc., with ease. Use your own recordings as alarms for advice, encouragement, warnings, alarms, whatever you want.

From personal time management to school bell programs to timing exams. They all have a habit of not going quite to plan. Whether it's the fire bell or an impromptu inspection by management, TikTokToDo™ can ease the time management of unexpected events.

To the best of my knowledge no other timer program allows you to:
  • Pause for either a fixed or indeterminate period and advance all future events on resume.
  • Provide printouts of proposed schedules and printouts of events as they actually happened.
  • Group timers.
  • Advance and retard groups, selections or from current on so easily.
See features for a full program feature breakdown and check out the U.S.News article "Pull the Plug on Tech Distractions" by Adam Boettiger.

TikTokToDo™ is ideally suited to events which are likely to change or get delayed at a moments notice or for just keeping track of the day ahead. If this sounds like you, don't waste any more time buy now or download the 30 day no obligation evaluation.
If you have Windows 98, ME, NT4, 2000 or XP and you can play music on your PC, you can run TikTokToDo™
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